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Tips on Improving Typing Skills

Author: Konstantin Artemev

Improving typing skills and increasing typing speed often present admirable aims of people working with the computer. Though there are many different manuals and thousand techniques which claim to help you become proficient in your typing, they are not working in most cases. The most common advice given very frequently is to spend more time on typing and master typing abilities by constant practicing.

The main rule is the more you type the more familiar for you the positions of the keys on the keyboard are. So, the most useful hint here is to type whole pages of books, letters, etc. and your typing skills will be improving gradually. Moreover, you should learn to type the proper way, so that your fingers are on the right positions on the keyboard. Only in this case you’ll be able to improve your typing skills. If you continue looking at the keyboard when typing, you won’t be able to increase your typing speed drastically.
However, if you listen to words you are typing, you can check whether your typing is right or not. Use text to speech program to type without looking up on the monitor. Speaking Notepad, powerful and handy TTS software, read aloud every word or every sentence at the very moment of your typing. You’ll be aware of your often made mistakes and will avoid them in the future.

Speaking Notepad uses only natural sounding and clear voices and you’ll improve your typing skills, memorize difficult words spelling and pronunciation. This text to speech software also enables you to set up all text and voice functions to suit your own likings and requirements and make your work efficient and productive.

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