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Typing Tutor - Learn to Type Fast

Author: Dana H

Looking to improve your job situation? Want to save time and learn a valuable skill? How about if you could do both at the same time? This is no magical offer, it is just free advice: learn to type and then to type fast and accurately. A person who can touch type can put more words on paper in a faster time than a person writing, and that includes the time it takes to print off your work from the computer. The Internet and a computer is your gateway to the world, but you need to learn how to type fast in order to ride on the information superhighway. Imagine all of your friends that you have lost contact with over the years; well you can now say in contact via email or live instant messaging. Instant messaging is free, allows you to communicate with people all over the globe but can be very frustrating unless you can type fast.

What you need is a typing tutor program which will take your existing typing skills and raise them, even if you start with little or no skills at all. Take this example of a woman who was a secretary for many years but never learned how to touch type.

When Leslie's company had financial difficulties, she was the first secretary to be laid off. Although, she had worked at her company for 15 years, her company let her go because she couldn't type fast enough. She was costing her company time and money. They told her they needed secretaries that could type a minimum of 50 words per minute and her low typing speed was costing them way too much time. Leslie was on the Internet when she stumbled across A week later Leslie had improved her typing speed from 40 words per minute to 75, and learned how to touch type. A month later, Leslie was employed by another company making double her income from her previous job, all because she could now type fast and touch type.

This can happened to you too, but you are the one who needs to act. Touch typing is a valuable skill but it takes you to be motivated to get off the couch and learn how to do it. If this article has given you the spark to learn how type fast, then don't delay go learn now.

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Advantages of Typing Skills
This article gives the major reasons why typing skills are very important nowadays. It tells about the fields of use of such skills.


How to Improve Your Typing Skill
Are you a computer beginner or an experienced user with poor typing skill? Do you want to improve your typing speed and efficiency easy and enjoyably with little effort? Absolutely, the typing tutor software is the best choice of you. There are a lot of such utilities in the market...


Tips on Improving Typing Skills
The article presents some useful and efficient tips on improving typing skills and increasing typying speed with the help of modern text to speech TTS technologies.


Why it is Important to Learn to Type
Learning to type is actually essential these days. This is a skill one must have as most people are surrounded with computers. Typing softwares have been developed to enhance one's skill in typing. They come in different levels to suit all ages. In order to increase speed in typing, from novice to skilled typist, one must have constant practice to improve his skills.


Learn How to Type
Learn how to type and make money! In this competitive world, the progress on technology don't let us be one day off the scene, or we'll be out of the market, and one of the simplest and most important abilities we need to develop not to get rid of our world is the typing skill.


Typing Tutor - Learn to Type Fast
Improve your life by learning to type faster.